Facilities and Equipment

The ArtLab has a performance hall, a recording studio, and a surveillance room.

Performance Hall

  • Sloped floor auditorium with a seating capacity of 46
  • Rectangular stage (about 4 m x 9 m)
  • Fohhn stereo public address system (extendible as required
  • LED stage lighting with DMX control panel
  • Video projector and variable screen for front and rear projection
  • Variable room acoustics with defined settings
  • WLAN-based measurement-system for both the assessment of physiological data, and the collection of self-reports via tablet PC
  • PTZ-dome-cameras for observing stage and auditorium
  • Various analogue and digital interfaces for recording and playback of audio-visual data
  • Interfaces for the measurement of physiological data and EEG in the auditorium and on stage


Surveillance Room

  • Computer workstation for controlled playback of optoacoustic stimuli
  • Computer workstation for the measurement of physiological data
  • Video editing suite with high performance 10G-SAN access
  • Digital audio workstation for documentation and production

In addition, the Surveillance Room offers remote control for the cameras, the lighting, the public address system, and the recording studio.


Recording Studio

  • Reference audio monitoring for production and documentation
  • Lawo mc²56 mixing console with digital audio matrix
  • Strauss SE-MF-2 reference stereo audio monitoring system (extendible as required)
  • Various interfaces for the measurement of physiological data and EEG and for control signals (GPIO, MIDI, rtpMIDI, Ethernet)



Holger Stenschke

Head of the ArtLab

+49 69 8300479-630



Lovre Bogdanic


+49 69 8300479-633


Stefan Redeker

Laboratory Staff

+49 69 8300479-634


Patrick Ulrich

Technical Engineering

+49 69 8300479-631