What is the ArtLab?

The ArtLab is a multi-purpose event location specifically designed to host, behavioral and physiological studies in the field of the aesthetic evaluation of music, literature, performing arts and media. To this end, it features a performance hall with a capacity of 46 visitors as well as all other facilities required for the management of professional events. A surveillance room designed to host scientists and research equipment during experiments is located directly adjacent to this hall. Additionally, the ArtLab features state of the art audio recording and mastering facilities, as well as a professional video production site. As a result, the ArtLab fulfills virtually all requirements needed for the investigation of the personal experience of a larger audience attending an artistic performance in an ecologically valid setting.

What does the ArtLab provide?

The technical facilities of the ArtLab allow for synchronous registration of acoustic and optical information, facial expression, gestures, peripheral physiological measures, and brain electrical potentials. It also allows for a convenient computer-aided qualitative and quantitative interrogation of audience and performers. Moreover, sound and video recording and editing facilities allow for the production of optic, acoustic and optoacoustic stimuli of professional quality. Finally, stage lighting and room acoustics may be adapted with respect to the type of performance investigated.

Facilities and Equipment


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Head of the ArtLab

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Laboratory Staff

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Technical Engineering

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