Internships at the MPIEA

Depending on the availability of supervisors, the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics offers voluntary or mandatory internship opportunities to students in relevant courses of study.
With our internship program, we aim to provide knowledge and skills to help interns prepare for their later careers or to complement their university education. We offer opportunities to gain transferable skills, knowledge, expertise, and experience, without having to enroll in a professional training course.

We Offer Two Kinds of Internship:

1. Mandatory Internships

If you are pursuing a course of study in one of the Institute’s research areas—ideally in music (including music history and musicology), linguistics, literary study, or the neurosciences—you are welcome to do a mandatory internship at the Institute. The duration of the internship depends on the requirements of your degree course. 

2. Voluntary Internships

We also offer university students the possibility of doing a voluntary internship, which—as a general rule—may last between one and three months.

Important Information

  • As a rule, students wishing to do an internship with us must be enrolled in a university. 
  • You may do only one internship at a Max Planck Institute (i.e., you may not do one internship at one Max Planck Institute and a second internship at another; this holds for both types of internship).
  • You may not do an internship before commencing your studies or after having received your degree (i.e., once you are no longer matriculated).
  • The internship must be undertaken continuously (i.e., you may not interrupt your internship, once started, and resume it at a later date).


You would like to apply for an internship with the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics?

Please submit your application (including motivation letter, curriculum vitae, references, proof of current enrollment, and transcript of courses taken; if you are applying for a mandatory internship, include your program’s internship requirements as well) via our applicant management system.

Please make sure to indicate in which Department of the Institute you would like to do your internship. The Human Resources Office will then forward your application to the appropriate Department.



Mara Schmitt

Human Resources
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Please do not send applications via email. Use the
applicant management system


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