The Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics offers excellent working opportunities in scientific and non-scientific areas. In accordance with Max Planck Society’s policy, we endeavor to increase the proportion of women in those fields where they are under-represented. Women are therefore expressly encouraged to apply. Accordingly, we are committed to hiring more disabled persons, so we encourage applications from disabled persons.



19. Oktober 2020



30. September 2020

40 Std. monatlich


Speculative Applications

In the absence of current or suitable job openings, if you are interested to work with the MPIEA you may submit a speculative application to our Human Resources department at this email address:

Please make sure to include a cover letter, cv, and references, and specify which department or area of responsibility you are interested in. We will give serious consideration to your application and respond promptly.

Contact Human Resources

Martyna Brawanski

Administrational Staff

+49 69 8300479-505


Thomas Fleischmann

Administrational Staff

+49 69 8300479-506



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