04. May 2015

First major psychological study on being moved published in PLOS ONE

Aus Charles Le Brun "Traité des Passions" (1698)

Ever since Latin rhetoric and poetics emotionally moving (lat. movere) an audience has been identified as one of the major goals of the arts. Psychological research on emotions has devoted (almost) no attention to feelings of being moved. Researchers of our institute have now published a major study on the topic.

Original publication:

Menninghaus, W., Wagner, V., Hanich, J., Wassiliwizky, E., Kuehnast, M., & Jacobsen, T. (2015). Towards a Psychological Construct of Being Moved. Plos One, 10(6), e0128451. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0128451


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