Moving Sounds 3

What is music made of? What are its ingredients and how do they form a whole?

In this study, we aim to discover what role the individual ‘ingredients’ of a work of music play in the listening process. Participation takes around 10 minutes, and we greatly appreciate your taking the time!

If possible, please wear headphones and be in a quiet, undisturbed location. You will be presented with a piece of music from a French woman composer. You will be asked to click every time you hear an identifiable segment in the music. It is impossible to hear all the segments in a given piece – and that is not the point. We are more interested to find out the different ways that people hear music. For this study to be successful, it is very important that you answer the questionnaire at the end as conscientiously as possible. All of your answers and other information will of course remain anonymous.

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