10. June 2022

Win or Lose?

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How much can you win? Take part in an interesting prize game for science.

In this study we investigate how our brain reacts to images. The study consists of two parts: an online section and a later fMRI measurement.

In the online section, you will have to complete two image based-task and have the potential of winning a bonus of maximum 10€ depending on your performance. The second part of the study takes place in the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner at the Brain Imaging Center in Niederrad. Here we will record your brain activity while you perform various cognitive tasks. The main task is to look at images and evaluate them while lying in the scanner, you also have the ability to win a max bonus of 3€.

The online part of the study takes about an hour and has to be done 1.5 days before the fMRI part. The fMRI measurement takes 1hr 30mins including preparation and follow-up.

For the online section you will receive an expense allowance of 14 € (plus bonus points you won) by bank transfer to your bank account. For the associated fMRI appointment, you will be paid a further 30 € (plus bonus points you won)  in cash.

In order to participate in this study you need to meet the following requirements:

Participation requirements

  • age between 18–65 years
  • good English skills( native not necessary) , all instructions will be in English
  • no neurological or psychiatric diseases
  • no non-removable metal in/at your body (e.g., retainer, contraceptive coil, tattoo, permanent Make-up, nail polish, mascara, cardiac pacemaker, defibrillator, metal plates, screws, wires)
  • no implants or prostheses (e.g., shunts, stents, cochlea implant, aneurysm clips or artificial joints)
  • no metal splinters are in your body, e.g., no metal chips (e.g., from metal processing industry) or shrapnel (e.g., from war)
  • for women: no pregnancy
  • no claustrophobia
  • you have a laptop or PC or other device with a keyboard from which you can complete the online section
  • you can only move onto the fMRI section with sufficient performance on the online section (most people do move on )

Interested in participating? Register for an appointment at study.ae.mpg.de/register/WinOrLose.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email at win-or-lose.prj@ae.mpg.de.

We look forward to meeting you!

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