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Our scientists are constantly advertising for research participants of every age and both genders. You are invited to sign up for one of the currently running research projects. You can also register by providing your contact data to our research participant registry if you want to be notified of opportunities for participation in new studies. Most of our studies are conducted at our institute at Gruneburgweg in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. However, you can participate in some of our studies online using your own computer where you are. Of course, your participation is completely voluntary. If you would like to have more information on a specific study please contact the researcher responsible for that study.



Joining the Research Participant Registry

Thank you for showing interest in the research studies under way at the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics (MPIEA). To register as a volunteer for the MPIEA studies, please complete the questionnaire below.

Your data will be added to the Research Participant Registry of the MPIEA. After that, we will invite you to take part in our studies, depending on different criteria. You are free to accept or not.



Information on data storage and research participation:

Your personal data shall be handled confidentially, stored exclusively inside the MPIEA. They shall not be disclosed to any third party. Access to your data shall be restricted to a clearly defined group of MPIEA staff responsible for recruiting research participants. Research participants enjoy the public liability insurance coverage of Max Planck Society in case of any claims under private law. You are free to have your data deleted from our data base at any time, such that your personal data may no longer be used from then on. Just send an e-mail to with the text “Deregister” in the reference line.
*I agree with the information given above on data storage and research participation. You may contact me and invite me to participate in your research studies.
*I have read and agree to the detailed information on data protection.

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