The Department of Language and Literature investigates the aesthetically relevant features and the aesthetic perception as well as evaluation of linguistic utterances and texts, with a specific focus on literature. [more]

The Department of Music’s activities are centered on exploring the reception of all forms of music in the areas of processing, experience, evaluation, and behavior. To this end, approaches and methods are  brought to bear from all musicological realms (historical, systematic, and comparative, including theory, teaching, and therapy), together with those from sociology, psychology, the neurosciences, and ethnology. [more]

The Department of Neuroscience, run by David Poeppel, works on the neurobiology of hearing, language processing, and music, including the dimensions of aesthetic experience. [more]

Externally funded research

Diese Studie erforscht, warum die Stimuli unter Umständen unterschiedlich wahrgenommen werden und wie diese Ambiguität der visuellen Wahrnehmung von Scheinbewegung entsteht. [more]

Information can be focused via gaze, shifts of attention, and in memory. But how are these connected? [more]