Participation in the concert hall

This line of projects investigates how participatory aspects of a performance influence the (aesthetic) experience of the audience members. It is a highly interesting and special case of audience research as certain rules – in a classical concert those that the audience is quiet, sits and gives no feedback – are suspended.
A first project was the investigation of the CONNECT-concerts which took place in Oct/Nov 2016 in three different European cities. Both commissioned works operate with a certain amount of audience participation, on different levels. Through the collection of ethnographic data (via observation and interviews) and a questionnaire survey in all three European venues, the study investigated questions such as
•    What is the essence of participation for the audience members?
•    What is the impact of participation on the experience of the audience members?
•    What can audience participation achieve (and what can it not achieve)?
A first publication in cooperation with prof John Sloboda (Guildhall School of Music) has been submitted (s. publications). 

On April, 22, 2018 the next CONNECT concert in Frankfurt (with the Ensemble Modern, in Frankfurt Lab) will be in the focus of a new study involving questionnaires and the collection of ethnographic data. For more information please see