Long-term editorial projects

Empirical studies on cultural artifacts and practices like music can profit enormeously from a sound historical knowledge on music, its practices, aesthetics and discourses. Therefore, we not only deal with relevant historical aspects in a number of single studies, but have also started two series of long-term projects. The Lexicon: writings on music assembles a large number of written documents of music theory, aesthetics and concepts that span the entire history and globe. Thus, it is able to show a picture of the historical and cultural variety of music aesthetics “from above”. The project History of musicology, however, serves as an arena for disciplinary self-reflection studying the intentions, epistemologies, and motivations behind music research.


Research Projects

Lexicon of Writings on Music

While lexicons of relevant texts have long been available in many disciplines, such tools are missing for the large range of writings on music.


The history of German speaking musicology from ca. 1810 to ca. 1990

Musicology, on the one hand, dates back to antiquity and can be viewed as a part of the Artes Liberales, but on the other hand it belongs to those parts of human knowledge which developed into university disciplines with the differentiation of the sciences at the beginning of the 19th century.




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