Wednesday 19.07.2023 19:00 — 20:30
ArtLab Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics

How Did You Do That? Developing Transcultural Music

Youssef Laktina, Perkussion

Youssef Laktina, Perkussion

Johanna-Leonore Dahlhoff, Flöte

Johanna-Leonore Dahlhoff, Flöte

Wednesday, July 19, 7 pm

Transcultural contemporary music, what is it? Musicians of the Frankfurt Bridges Chamber Orchestra will give an insight into their musical work and decision-making processes.

How do compositional ideas develop in the Bridges Chamber Orchestra or in Bridges ensembles? Which approaches and decision-making criteria with regard to arrangements, instrumentation and artistic practice does the orchestra employ? How is music created that makes room for the respective traditions of origin of the musicians or their instruments and in which something new can be developed together at the same time? Which (musical) cultural and aesthetic contrasts meet in the field of tension between different oral and written musical traditions and how do the musicians deal with them?

In their recital, percussionist Youssef Laktina and flutist Johanna-Leonore Dahlhoff span an arc from traditional Andalusian-Arabic music to a contemporary interpretation of the classical Arabic Samai form. Using two movements from the "1.5 Rhombic Dances" by Peter Klohmann, they provide insights into the social and communicative processes as well as compositional practice at the Bridges Chamber Orchestra.


Arabic-Andalusian folk song

Lamma bada yatathanna

Peter Klohmann

From: 1.5 Rhombic Dances. Dis dances in the style of the house

satz 1,1: quilted step-dance on 1,5 m dis-dance for flute and sheep-percussion, (on the way to the akzep-dance?)

set 0,7: dis-dance on half distance - improvisation

Trio Syncop (Youssef Laktina, Laila Mahmoud, Cham Salloum)

Semaii Muhayyer


Johanna-Leonore Dahlhoff, flute

Youssef Laktina, percussion

The event will take place in the ArtLab of the Institute, Grüneburgweg 14, 60322 Frankfurt am Main. The conversation following the performance will be in English. Admission is free, registration is not required.

About the performers

Short bios Johanna-Leonore Dahlhoff and Youssef Laktina

Johanna-Leonore Dahlhoff studied flute in Hamburg and Hannover and music therapy in Berlin. She is an alumna of the German National Academic Foundation, the DAAD and the Robert Bosch Foundation, among others, and was a member of the European Union Youth Orchestra. Since 2016, she has been artistic director of Bridges - Musik verbindet in Frankfurt and founded the Bridges Chamber Orchestra together with Anke Karen Meyer in 2019. Concert tours as a soloist, chamber musician and orchestral musician have taken her to numerous European and South American countries as well as to Japan, Madagascar, Mauritius, Russia, South Africa, the USA and Uzbekistan.

She regularly arranges European works from the 16th to 21st centuries for the Bridges Chamber Orchestra. In June 2023, the Bridges Chamber Orchestra will perform the world premiere of her second orchestral composition.

Youssef Laktina is a multi-percussionist specializing in frame drum and percussion instruments from the Mediterranean region. He has been studying percussion at the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg in Mannheim since 2018. In 2022, he won the Tamburi Mundi promotion award for young aspiring frame drummer:s.

Versed in a wide variety of musical styles, he composes and arranges stylistically diverse music for his trio Syncope (kanun, oud, percussion) and for Bridges ensembles. Youssef Laktina is a member of the Bridges Chamber Orchestra and the Bridges music education ensemble Tiny Bridges in Frankfurt, the Ensemble Colourage of the Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz, and the cross-genre band collective Niribu Natives in Mannheim.

Johanna-Leonore Dahlhoff and Youssef Laktina are members of the four-piece transcultural Bridges ensemble Eliá.

The event is part of our "How Did You Do That?" series.

Artistic work involves a multitude of decisions of a conscious and unconscious nature, judgments of success and failure, reflection on one's own actions. The series "How Did You Do That? Lecture Recitals on Contemporary Artistic Processes, Decisions, and Judgements" invites well-known artists from various disciplines to reflect on these processes: What criteria play a role? On what background are aesthetic decisions made? What kind of references are involved? When is a work/performance successful?

The evening events of the series each consist of a performance (concert, reading, performance) and an accompanying discussion with audience participation in the ArtLab, the concert and performance hall of the MPIEA.