Thursday 10.12.2015 11:00
Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics

IDEA lectures: Oscillatory brain dynamics underlying perception of pitch, rhythm and emotion in music and speech

Frank Russo, director of the SMART Lab in Ryerson University, is visiting the Department of Neuroscience on the 9-10th of December 2015. On this occasion, he will participate in the IDEA lectures serials with the above talk.

Abstract: This talk will be divided into two complementary parts. The first part considers music and the perception of music from the perspective of oscillatory dynamics. After a discussion of general principles underlying oscillation in music and the brain, I will consider the frequency-following response originating in the brainstem, beat entrainment originating in auditory-motor networks, and mu desynchronization originating in a fronto-cortical network. The second part will provide an overview of new work in my lab that is utilizing what we are learning about these oscillatory dynamics to support the rehabilitation of various communication deficits.

Please note, that the presentation will be held in English.

The IDEA Lectures (Interdisciplinary Debates on the Empirical Aesthetics of Music) aim at bringing together internationally well-known researchers who discuss questions that relate to the production and reception of music from various perspectives.

Musicologists from all branches of their discipline take part as do musicians, psychologists, cognitive scientists, sociologists, philosophers and ethnologists.

External guests are welcome. Please call for registration 069 8300 479-201.