Research Trends in Empirical Aesthetics

This project comprises a systematic examination of scientific journals relevant to empirical aesthetics. Our goal is to identify the development of theories, thematic focal points, and methods used, together with the changes they have undergone over time. Beyond this, we will compile information on both authors and the countries in which they did their research, for the sake of illuminating persons, institutions and countries active in this area together with their presumed influence on specific fields or journals. There will be special focus on music-related publications.

In order to interrelate the results of the individual analyses, and, for example, to compare them in the framework of a larger meta-study, a systematically categorical approach has been chosen. Therefore information concerning objects of research, focal points of interest, and methods used will be collected on the basis of abstracts of all the publications in the journal under examination. This allows both a quantitative description of the various areas concerned and an analysis of developments over time. That sort of analysis offers the advantage of being able to evaluate the influence of specific events, for instance the founding of a new institute or new journal, on the basis of the compiled data. In the end a comparative survey using the results of the individual subsidiary studies of the different journals is planned.