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Musical Taste and Taste-Related Behaviour

Current projects

People’s individual musical tastes are constituted by both music they like or love and music they dislike. But what is the basis for disliking certain works, artists, or styles? And how is it explained? [more]

Do musicology students generally only listen to specific musical styles or do they tend to  have broad musical taste? A comparison of musicology students with a control group has offered new answers to this question. [more]

This project focuses on the relationship between verbally expressed musical taste and the actual listening behavior of people. Beyond this, we examine factors influencing this relationship such as, for example, musical functions. [more]

This project’s basic focus is on the question of who listens to what kind of music in which situation and why. We will here pursue a macroscopic, integrative approach that places more emphasis than usual on the situational use of music. [more]

Musical taste is subject to constant historical change. What are the major current developments in musical taste? How diverse are they? What do lovers of different sorts of music understand by aesthetic experience? [more]

For the most part the development of personal musical taste has been described as a long-term process of learning and socialization. By contrast, in this project we focus on “key experiences”-- particular, extraordinary experiences changing musical taste in a fundamental way. [more]