13. October 2016

CONNECT – The audience as artist

In the framework of the Europe-wide project “CONNECT – The audience as artist”, the coming weeks see the premieres of two commissioned works by Huang Ruo (The Sonic Great Wall) and Christian Mason (In the midst of the Sonorous Islands) in three different European cities. The audience acts as an explicit and constitutive part of both works, creating an immersive and interactive musical experience. In the focus of the accompanying research project by Dr. Jutta Toelle and Iris Mencke from the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics will be the audiences’ experiences in the different cities; additionally, the status of art works in participative projects and their consequences on power structures and hierarchies in the concert hall will be investigated.


London, 22.10.2016 (St.John’s Smith Square, London Sinfonietta)

Frankfurt, 30.10.2016 (FrankfurtLab, Ensemble Modern)

s’Hertogenbosch, 05.11.2016 (Muzerije, ASKO|SCHÖNBERG)