Aesthetic evaluation of metric timing patterns in cross-cultural perspective

Empirical research in non-isochronous (durationally uneven) beat subdivision is currently limited largely to Euro-American musical styles, such as jazz (swing-eighths), French baroque (notes inégales), Viennese waltz and Scandinavian fiddling for folk dance. Performance timings have represented the core object of study in the field. The project studies the aesthetic evaluation of metric timing patterns in various African and African-diasporic musical styles.

Research partners: Hans Neuhoff (Cologne), Luis Jure and Martín Rocamora (Montevideo), and Kelly Jakubowski, Martin Clayton and Tuomas Eerola of the AHRC project Interpersonal Entrainment in Music Performance (Durham), Timo Fischinger (Freiburger Institut für Musikermedizin/Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt am Main)


Neuhoff, H., Polak, R., & Fischinger, T. (2017). Perception and Evaluation of Timing Patterns in Drum Ensemble Music from Mali. Music Perception, 34(4), 438–451. DOI: 10.1525/mp.2017.34.4.438