25. October 2019

New Paper published in PLoSONE

Visual aesthetic experiences unfold over time, yet most of our understanding of such experiences comes from experiments using static visual stimuli and measuring static responses. In this study, instead of using still images we used video clips to investigate he temporal dynamics of subjective aesthetic experience using in combination with continuous behavioral ratings. We found that videos produce dynamic aesthetic experiences that are substantially different from person to person, and that continuous behavioral ratings provide a reliable window into the temporal dynamics of such aesthetic experiences while not materially altering the experiences themselves.


Original Publication:

Isik, A. E., & Vessel, E. A. (2019) Continuous Ratings of Movie Watching Reveal Idiosyncratic Dynamics of Aesthetic Enjoyment. PLOS One, 14(10): e0223896. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0223896

Link to the press release: https://www.aesthetics.mpg.de/en/the-institute/news/news-article/article/love-it-or-hate-it.html