Externally Funded Research

Biological Anthropology of Literature (Heisenberg Position)

The research project is funded by the DFG’s Heisenberg Programme. It investigates the phylogenetic preconditions of poetic behaviour

PD Dr. Katja Mellmann

Apparent Motion (Department of Neuroscience)

This study focuses on why the stimuli are perceived differently by the same participants, and how this ambiguity arises.


The prosodic syntax of German (Department of Language and Literature)

Prosody undisputedly affects the choice of syntactic constructions and the order of constituents within a sentence. However, for German, neither theories of grammar nor models of language production consider prosodic influences on sentence structure.


Focused Information (Music Department)

Information can be better perceived, processed, and maintained when it is prioritized. This focusing can unfold visually, through gaze, shifts of attention, or through memory. But how are these different forms of focus connected?


Reading time regularity (Department of Language and Literature)

The current project is concerned with predicting text comprehension from statistical measures of the reading process.


Creating an Academic Discipline (Music Department)

The current project explores the synchronous establishing of musicology and art history as academic disciplines at the University of Vienna as part of an education reform conducted by Leopold, Count von Thun und Hohenstein (1811–1888).