18. April 2019

First CLaME project: Stimulus Generation

Claire Pelofi and Nori Jacoby at the CLaME opening event

David Poeppel talks to piano player Kirill Gerstein

The first project of the Max Planck – NYU Center for Language, Music and Emotion (CLaME) focuses on behavioral and neural experiments on music perception with naturalistic materials. A first step is to focus on stimulus generation, capitalizing on cutting-edge ArtLab Methods for MIDI processing. Research Scientist Claire Pelofi (CLaME-NYU) is in Frankfurt this May to this end. In cooperation with scientists from the MPIEA Neuroscience and Music departments, she will create optimal new experimental stimuli in the ArtLab. Pelofi’s experiments in music cognition are a first step in an exchange of scientists who will collaborate under the umbrella of CLaME in Frankfurt and New York.

The Max Planck – NYU Research Center was opened on March 12th in New York and is managed by David Poeppel and Cate Hartley. CLaME aims to investigate the experience of language, music, emotions, memory, and decision making. 

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Photos: ©Kahn: Courtesy of NYU Photo Bureau