24. May 2022

Prof. Jonathan Wild

Prof. Jonathan Wild (McGill University) will give a talk entitled "Further Compositional Resources of Vicentino's (1555) 31-tone Tuning



Elsewhere I have examined Vicentino's account of the pitch systems he used in his enharmonic music, as described in his 1555 treatise L'antica musica ridotta alla moderna prattica. In this talk I demonstrate features of the few surviving works that use the 31-tone system, using many retuned audio examples to help convey the musical stakes. I also explore some additional resources available in Vicentino's system and speculate on the implicit restrictions he placed on himself.


The talk will take place on May 24 at 17:00 CET on Zoom. Please contact Ms. Diana Gleiss if you would like to attend.

Attendees are requested to read Wild's "Genus, Species and Mode in Vicentino’s 31-tone Compositional Theory" in Music Theory Online ahead of the lecture (link here).