24. January 2022

New paper on piano duos!

Brains of musicians synchronize when they perform music together – but why does this happen?

One known reason for interbrain synchrony during highly coordinated musical interactions is that partners are simply hearing and doing similar things at the same time. Is it possible, however, that musicians’ brain synchronize due to the alignment of their cognitive processes? Lead author Katarzyna Gugnowska shows that interbrain synchrony does occur during musical pauses, when pianists are only planning their entries and future performance tempo without sharing any visuals or sound. Importantly, this interbrain synchrony predicts the similarity of their tempi after the pause. These results strongly suggest that interbrain synchrony is not only a by-product of shared visuals, soundscape, or similar movements, but also reflects the cognitive alignment between partners, facilitating coordination of their joint performance. The article and more results can be found here.