Wednesday 13.03.2019 19:30 — 21:30
Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics, ArtLab Foyer

ArtLab live // Alexander Tillegreen

Sound Performance

The Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics is pleased to present Copenhagen / Frankfurt am Main based artist Alexander Tillegreen as part of the ArtLab live series. His work ranges between painting, printmaking, text, installation and sound and explores the connection between research and artistic practice.    

The sound performance for ArtLab livepresents an artistic perspective on scientific sound phenomena, combined with with musical and voice samples from interviews and films rooted in pop-culture. A new work is produced in direct correspondence with researchers of the institute. It performs notions of psychoacoustics and auditory illusions and investigates the relationship between auditory stimuli and hearing sensations. For ArtLab live, it will be combined with older works by the artist.

In this way Alexander Tillegreen creates an environment of sonic layers which individually address certain meanings of its medium. The encounter of materials of different origins within this artistic frame challenges us to shift our attention to the act of listening. It gives us the possibility to experience a new sonic narration of distinct references to science and culture.


Alexander Tillegreen is an artist and composer based in Copenhagen and Frankfurt am Main. He graduated as Meisterschüler in fine arts from Städelschule, Frankfurt in 2017. He also studied fine arts at The Cooper Union School of Art, New York and art history musicology and sound studies at the University of Copenhagen. Alexander Tillegreen has participated in international solo and group exhibitions as well as performances among others at MUSEUM MMK FÜR MODERNE KUNST, Frankfurt; CTM Festival, Berlin; Kunsthalle Darmstadt; fffriedrich, Frankfurt; Agnes Maybach Gallery, Cologne; Jean Claude Maier Gallery, Frankfurt; Tom Christoffersen Gallery, Copenhagen; Fotografisk Center, Copenhagen; Code Art Fair, Copenhagen; Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen.


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