Wednesday 24.06.2015 — Friday 26.06.2015
Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics

Creative writing processes: techniques and language comprehension during the creation and manipulation of literary texts

Within Empirical Studies of Literature texts get systematically changed in order to measure certain effects. Such manipulation, however, can result in confounding effects. The active exchange with published authors and creative writing teachers can contribute to eliminate such confounding variables in experimental text-manipulation and to better control stimulus material.

With our workshop, we would like to set in motion an inspiring discussion between authors and researchers about the creative writing process, more specifically about the authors' possible intentions of establishing aesthetic or emotional effects in their readers. During the workshop, diverse ways of text manipulations as well as writing techniques will be presented and discussed.


Speakers: Dr. Frank Hakemulder (University of Utrecht), Dr. Nancy Gaffield (University of Kent), Dr. Christine Knoop (MPIEA), Dr. Richard Gwyn (Cardiff University), Dr. Moniek Kuijpers (MPIEA), Laura Marney (University of Glasgow), Dr. Dagmar Leupold (Universität Tübingen), Nico Bleutge, Dr. Thomas Klupp (Universität Hildesheim).

Organisation:  Maria KraxenbergerMoniek Kuijpers