Ballet Meets Science

For research projects on empirical aesthetics of dance, an international team of dancers and researchers come together to create stimuli materials (little video clips) of dance movements. See our Making-OFF video below. We use a costum build greenscreen, and filmographic methods. The team consists of dancers, psychologists, computer scientists, neuroscientists and filmmakers from four institutions (MPIEA, GU, DFDC, 3FISH), from five different countries (Germany, Spain, Denmark, Iran, Greece):

06. December 2019

Ballet Meets Science

Please click here to download the intended video from vimeo.

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Dr Julia F Christensen (MPIEA)
Professor Gemma Roig (GU)
Mr Andrés Fernández (GU)
Dr Georgios Michealareas (MPIEA)


Anne Jung (Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company)
Luisa Sancho-Escanero


Fahima Farahi (3Fish)
Sina HN Yazdi (3Fish)
Stefan Redeker (MPIEA)
Patrick Ulrich (MPIEA)