Pietro Modestini

Research Areas

  • Concert research
  • Conceptualisation of the aesthetic experience of (live) music
  • Phenomenological approaches to music perception and performance
  • Embodied Music Cognition, situatedness and embodiment in the musical experience
  • Application of micro-phenomenological interview techniques for the investigation of the musical experience


Academic Eduaction

2021Master of Arts in musicology at the Humboldt University in Berlin. Thesis: A Model of the Aesthetic Experience in Live Performance of Western Classical Music Grounded on Corporeality and Physical Co-Presence
2012–2015Advanced course in guitar interpretation with prof. Angelo Gilardino Specialisation in the guitar repertoire of the 20th century

Master of Arts in classical guitar (summa cum laude) at the music conservatory “Santa Cecilia“ in Rome (Italy). Thesis about the Cuban composer Leo Brouwer


Bachelor of Arts in classical guitar at the music conservatory “Santa Cecilia“ in Rome (Italy). Thesis about the English guitarist Julian Bream


Seit 2022

PhD candidate in the Music Department at the Max-Planck-Institute for Empirical Aesthetics in Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

Seit 2018

Interdisciplinary artistic projects; conceptualisation and development of new concert formats

2013–2022Guitar teacher at the state music schools in Berlin and Brandenburg (Germany)
Seit 2006

Concerts in different countries as a solo guitarist, lutenist and member of various ensembles


  • Concert Research

    Especially in cuturally Western regions of the world, the concert is a very important and influential social context of music listening. It is closely intertwined with the development of instrumental music and the notion of musical autonomy and ...