07. Dezember 2022

Welcome İrem Yemeniciler!

Irem Yemencilier

İrem received a bachelor's degree in Audiology and a minor degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics from Baskent University in Turkey. In addition, she completed an associate degree in Child Development from Anadolu University. She focus on auditory perception in children with hearing loss and decided to do her master's degree in neuroscience in order to conduct studies in the field of auditory neuroscience. Then she commenced a master's degree in neuroscience from Medipol University. She currently works in the EEG laboratory team of Prof. Bahar Güntekin.

She hopes to learn new analysis methods, learn the working principles of a team from different cultures and disciplines, and have information about how research is carried out in the field of auditory neuroscience.

We hope she will enjoy her stay with us!