03. Mai 2021

Welcome Katarzyna Gugnowska and Natalie Kohler!

Natalie Kohler and Katarzyna Gugnowska

PhD Students: Natalie Kohler (left) and Katarzyna Gugnowska (right)

Many everyday interactions – from clinking glasses to conversation and joint music making – demand skillful synchronization with interaction partners. Which neural mechanisms enable us to synchronize with each other? PhD projects of Natalie Kohler and Katarzyna Gugnowska aim to investigate this topic during real-time joint piano playing in an fMRI (Natalie) and a dual EEG (Katarzyna) setup. Natalie is interested in neural networks underlying detection of temporal discrepancies between duo partners. Katarzyna investigates interbrain synchrony and attention allocation modulated by coordination demands. Natalie and Katarzyna recently joined a Neurocognition of Music and Language resesearch group led by PD Dr. Daniela Sammler and will stay with us until the end of the year.