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Future Histories of Music Theory

Conveners: Carmel Raz and Nathan Martin

The history of music theory bridges between conceptual understanding and hands-on savoir-faire in ways that link current concerns with richly textured investigations of the past. Over the past few years developments ranging from the proliferation of online and digital resources to vastly improved communication technologies have opened new opportunities for innovative scholarship in the field. The “Future Histories of Theory” Working Group, a project of the “Histories of Music, Mind, and Body” Research Group at the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics, aims to foster discussion around recent and emerging trends, including global and material histories; cognition, embodiment, and affect; and digital and empirical methods. The group sponsors workshops, seminars, research residencies, and publication projects with the aim of advancing research on historical music theory in the broadest sense.

Past Events: Workshop, "Future Histories of Music Theory"

Upcoming Events: Nathan Martin Guest Seminar, "Jean-Philippe Rameau’s Code de musique pratique (1760)"



Histories of Modern Rhythmic Theory

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