Montag 12.12.2022 — Dienstag 13.12.2022

Workshop, The Attentive Ear: Sound, Cognition, and Subjectivity, 1800-1930

The event will take place on Zoom.

Day 1: December 12

9:30-11:00am EST / 15:30-17:00 CET

Graham Burnett (Princeton University): "The Attention Wave: Sound and Sense in Cycles, circa 1905"

Deirdre Loughridge (Northeastern University):  "When (In)Attention Is All You Need"

Ben Steege (Columbia University): “Attending and Valuing: Music Aesthetics as a ‘Science of Ought’”

****Brian Kane (Yale University), interlocutor  

11:30-13:00  EST / 17:30-19:00 CET

Ewan Jones:(University of Cambridge): "Habits of Inattention"

Allie Kieffer  (Rice University): "Music and 'Mystical Truth': William James, Henri Bergson, and Early Twentieth-Century Psychologies of Religious Experience"

David Trippett (University of Cambridge): "Franz, Stumpf, Riemann: Towards an Auditory Unconscious"

****Nicholas Mathew (UC Berkeley), interlocutor


Day 2: December 13

9:30-11:00 EST / 15:30-17:00 CET

Youn Kim (University of Hong Kong): "Attending in Musical Action: The Psychology of Music Performance in the Early Twentieth Century"

Zeynep Bulut (Queen Mary University Belfast): "Alarm Will Touch"

Richard Williams (SOAS, University of London): Colonial Concentration: Attention in Bengali Music Scholarship in 1885

**** Francesca Brittan (Case Western Reserve University), interlocutor