Database of Sources in the History of Music Theory 

Director: Caleb Mutch

We plan to build an open-access database featuring digitized original-language versions of all of the music-theoretical sources included in the Thinking Music: Global Sources for the History of Music Theory. The database will fulfil two main functions. First, it will serve as a repository for newly digitised documents in a range of formats (including audio, video, images, and text). The second function is to link already digitised materials from other websites. Researchers will then be able to search for related sources by author, time period, subject, topic, language or so on and be directed to digitised sources, whether hosted in the Primary Sources database or elsewhere. This database will comprise both textual sources as well as complete audio or transcription of interviews, additional images, and sound recordings of the instruments and artefacts that are featured in the anthology. Our goal is also to create a sustainable and equitable digital infrastructure so that new contents (sources, commentaries, bibliographies) can be easily added and updated in the future as the study of music theory continues to expand and diversify.