Tanya Brown





Project Management Professional (PMP) at the Project Management Institute


Project Management Certificate Program at the University of Toronto, School of Continuing Studies

2002–2007Honours Bachelors of Science (H.BSc) at the University of Toronto, Major: Psychology, Biology, Neuroscience


Seit 2021

Scientific Coordinator – COGITATE, Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Program Manager – The Virtual Brain, Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest, Toronto, Canada


Research Assistant – Dr. Randy McIntosh, Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest, Toronto, Canada



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Moses SN, Bardouille T, Brown TM, Ross B & McIntosh AR. (2010) Learning related activation of somatosensory cortex by an auditory stimulus recorded with magnetoencephalography, NeuroImage, 53(1): 275-82. doi: 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2010.06.005

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Shen K, Wang Z, Brown TM, Sodums D, McIntosh AR. Cognitive impairment in Parkinson’s disease is captured by personalized virtual brain models. Rotman Research Institute Conference, 2019, Toronto, Canada.

Wang Z, Shen K, Brown TM, McIntosh AR. Parameter optimization using Tensorflow in personalized virtual brain models of Parkinson’s disease. Rotman Research Institute Conference, 2019, Toronto, Canada.

McIntosh AR, McCulloch A, Brown TM, Carpentier S, Bekkers E, Wang Z, Salimpoor V, Shen K.

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Science Management [invited speaker], Rotman Research Institute, Research Training Council Workshop Series, April 2021, virtual

Brain Connectivity Workshop 2021 [organizing committee], May 25-28, 2021, virtual; bcw-2021.com

Science Management [invited speaker], Neuromatch Conference 3.0, October 2020, virtual

Science Management [Chair/Speaker, Professional Development Workshop], Society for Neuroscience October 2019, Chicago IL, USA

Science Management [Event Lead & Speaker, Satellite Symposium], Canadian Association for Neuroscience, May 2019, Toronto ON, Canada

3 Minute Thesis and Presentation Skills[Invited Speaker], Rotman Research Training Centre, January 2019, Toronto ON, Canada

Brain Connectivity in Attention, Awareness and Consciousness [Workshop Organizer], Brain Connectivity Workshop, June 2013, Vancouver BC, Canada

Summer Program in Aging[Workshop Organizer], CIHR’s Institute for Aging, November 2012


Berufliche Weiterentwicklung


Founder – Science Management Collective (SciMC)                      December 2020 – present

An international consortium that focuses on defining the standards and best practices of science and research management and provides training on such relevant topics.

Co-Founder  BreakThrough                                                          September 2018 – present

A working group that enforces culture change in scientific research to achieve equity for all.


Science Websites (Design & Development)








ARC-COGITATE – arc-cogitate.com

Collaboration On GNW and IIT: Testing Alternative Theories of Experience – Cogitate – is an innovative Open Science, preregistered adversarial collaboration focused on arbitrating between two leading theories of consciousness, Integrated Information Theory (IIT) and Global Neuronal Workspace theory (GNW). Cogitate involves eleven different research institutions on three continents which employ three distinct invasive and noninvasive techniques in human neuroscience (fMRI, MEG/EEG and ECoG) in a very large sample human volunteers and patients.


THE VIRTUAL BRAIN – thevirtualbrain.org

TVB is an open-source neuroinformatics platform that uses empirical neuroimaging data as the foundation to construct large-scale simulation of the human brain. The TVB architecture is used to create large sets of brain models within a unifying framework, and to systematically explore the relation between structural network features and biophysical parameters of different empirical brain processes. TVB has been used in a wide range of research topics, from the modeling of physiological brain phenomena in healthy participants (Ritter et al., 2013; Sanz Leon et al., 2013; Spiegler and Jirsa, 2013; Roy et al., 2014), mouse brain models (Melozzi et al., 2017), to clinical approaches of AD (Zimmermann et al., 2018; Stefanovski et al., 2019, Arbabyazd et al., 2021), stroke (Falcon et al., 2015, 2016), and brain tumors (Aerts et al., 2018). TVB is currently being used in a clinical trial involving pharmaco-resistant epilepsy patient to evaluate the personalized brain models as a new tool for identifying surgery targets during pre-surgical planning.