Xiangbin Teng, PhD


  • Sprachwahrnehmung und auditive Verarbeitung
  • mehrskalige Verarbeitung
  • kortikale Schwingungen
  • Funktionskarten des auditorischen Cortex





New York University (Doctor in Psychologie)


Peking University (Master in Psychologie)


Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Bachelor in Chemie)     


Seit 2017

Post-doctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics





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  • What in the temporal structure of speech triggers speech-specific processing

    The precise role of cortical oscillations in speech processing is under investigation. According to current research, the phase alignment of Δ/θ-band (2-8 Hz) neural oscillations in the auditory cortex is involved in the segmentation of speech. ...

  • Auditory multi-scale Processing

    Natural sounds, music, and vocal sounds have a rich temporal structure over multiple timescales, and behaviorally relevant acoustic information is usually carried on more than one timescale. For example, speech conveys linguistic information at ...

  • Neurophysiological tracking of music

    Music, like speech, can be considered as a continuous stream of sounds organized in hierarchical structures. Human listeners parse continuous speech into linguistic units of phrases and sentences. Inspired by EEG and MEG studies on speech parsing, ...