Mittwoch 04.04.2018 — Freitag 06.04.2018
Max-Planck-Institut für empirische Ästhetik

Visual Neuroaesthetics Symposium (VisNA) 2018

In this symposium, we will bring together the experts in the field of visual neuroaesthetics to discuss recent experimental advances and identify new directions for future research. The primary focus will be neuroimaging investigations of visual aesthetic experiences. This includes experiences with visual art, architecture, photography, sculpture, film and dance, as well as non-artistic stimuli such as landscapes, faces and abstract patterns. In addition, work using other neuroscience methods will be included as well as foundational behavioral or computational work that is informative for neuroscientific inquiry and theory.

There will be a poster session to give all attendees the opportunity to share their research.

We are also very excited to offer a "Neuroaesthetics in the Wild" session which will take place in Frankfurt's Städel Museum which hosts one of the most important art collections in Germany. This session will include a tour of the museum with mobile equipment, a dance performance and a moderated panel discussion where we will discuss how to bridge the gap between laboratory research and real life aesthetic experiences.

More details on the event page.