Donnerstag 28.01.2016 11:00 — 13:00
Max-Planck-Institut für empirische Ästhetik

IDEA lectures with David Hargreaves
Musical likes and dislikes

David Hargreaves ist Professor für Erziehungswissenschaften an der University of Roehampton und Froebel Research Fellow. Er hat zahlreiche Bücher zur Erziehungswissenschaft veröffentlicht, unter anderem  The Social Psychology of Music

Abstract: It is now widely accepted that there are three main determinants of musical likes and dislikes. The first of these is the characteristics of the listener: what effect do factors such as age and musical training have on preferences, for example? The second is the situation in which listening occurs: Adrian North and I have investigated responses to music in shops, restaurants, and many other everyday situations, for example. The third determinant is the characteristics of the music itself, and these have been investigated in the field of experimental aesthetics. The reciprocal-feedback model, which my colleagues and I have gradually refined in our work, shows how these three areas can influence one another, and this leads to some fascinating theoretical problems such as the effects of the social environment on arousal-based as compared with neural network explanations of likes and dislikes, why people like to listen to sad and unhappy music, and the relationship between musical preferences, emotions, and evaluations.

Die IDEA Lectures (Interdisciplinary Debates on the Empirical Aesthetics of Music) versammeln namhafte Stimmen aus dem In- und Ausland, die sich aus den verschiedenen Perspektiven Fragen der musikalischen Produktion und Rezeption annehmen.
Musikwissenschaftler aller Teilbereiche sind ebenso beteiligt wie Musiker, Psychologen, Kognitionsforscher, Soziologen, Philosophen und Ethnologen.

Der Vortrag ist auf Englisch.

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