Freitag 06.09.2019 11:30 — 13:15
Max-Planck-Institut für empirische Ästhetik

Lecture by M. Florencia Assaneo, PhD: Characterizing the
temporal dynamics of the sensorimotor integration of speech

Rhythmicity and synchrony play a crucial role at both ends of the speech process: production and perception. At one end, the speech audio signal carries a clear temporal pattern; at the other, this rhythmicity seems to be crucial for successful speech comprehension. Despite the apparent significance of speech rhythms, the interaction between speech perception and production - and the relevant brain regions - in phase space remains quite unexplored. 

Here, by means of neurophysiological recordings1 and psychophysical2 protocols, I characterize the temporal dynamics of the sensorimotor integration of speech. Accordingly, I introduce a simple biophysical model for the interaction between motor and auditory brain regions. Such a model accounts for the stability of the syllable rate across languages as a consequence of the intrinsic rhythms of cortical areas3.


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