Interdisciplinary Lectures on Music, Body, and Experience

A Hybrid Event Presented by Luciano Pascual, and Carlos Trenado (MPIEA).

The relationships between sound, body, movement and experienced sensations can hardly be read as mere linearity or cause–effect. More dynamic relationships of complementarity, contradiction, independence, feedback, differentiation, and others are involved in this complex interplay.

This is where each discipline, each approach, succeeds in understanding different layers of depth of these complex phenomena and interactions. On this occasion, from dance, philosophical aesthetics, media theory, psychology, and neuroscience, each discipline and each object of study brings us something different in terms of the relationships between music, the body, and the experiences of the subjects involved. While each approach develops its own questions and methodologies from different theoretical frameworks, we believe in the enriching potential of those cases that bring us closer to the work of colleagues from other disciplines, as it can directly or indirectly shed new light on our own research.

The event will consist of three presentations of 20 minutes each, in which the researchers/artists will share their reflections on the academic and artistic approach to music and its relationship to bodily experience. After the presentations, there will be a space for a dialog based on questions and comments from the coordinators, the speakers, and the audience.


Luciano Pascual

Luciano Pascual, (DAAD scholarship holder) is carrying out a research stay at the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics to complete his doctoral thesis on the philosophy of technique and the experience of electronic dance music.

Paula Rosolen

Paula Rosolen is a choreographer and director of the performance company Haptic Hide. In her works, Paula Rosolen makes visible the dance that is inherent to popular culture and mundane activities, making dance more available to diverse types of audiences through the many layers of lecture.

Laura Rai

Laura Rai  is a postdoctoral Researcher, at Goldsmiths, University of London, Department of Psychology. She is a member of the interdisciplinary project NEUROLIVE which focuses on the investigation of different practices and conceptualisations of liveness.

The event will take place September 26, 5–7 p.m. CET, at our Institute in Frankfurt’s Westend neighborhood. Simultaneously, the event will be streamed on Zoom.

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The evening will be hosted by Luciano Pascual, and Dr. Carlos Trenado of the MPIEA. For any questions, please contact Luciano Pascual under

Please note:

The event will be streamed live on Zoom. Please note our information about photographic and / or audiovisual recordings as well as the Data Protection Information Regarding Zoom Webinars.

We will make recordings of the presentations, which will be published on our website and on the YouTube and Vimeo channel of the Institute. The audience in the hall will not be filmed. For more information, please see the signage at the event.