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Linear Mixed Models -- EEG (ERP) data

  • R Notebook showing linear mixed-effects modelling of EEG (ERP) data using lme4::lmer. Model selection based on cAIC4::cAIC.

Raincloud plots of behavioural (acceptability) data

Linear Mixed Models -- Behavioural (acceptability) data

  • R Notebook showing linear mixed-effects modelling of behavioural acceptability data using lme4::glmer. Model selection based on AIC. Also generates raincloud plots of acceptability data.
    ⤷ The script uses R_Rainclouds.R adapted from Allen et al.(2019): (

Inter-Rater Reliability

  • R Notebook showing calculations of inter-rater reliability (Fleiss Kappa) using irr::kappam.fleiss and Kendall's coefficient of concordance using irr::kappa.


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