11. November 2020

Hear the Gap

In this study, you will listen to different sounds via headphones. Can you detect hidden silences?

As you are detecting the silent intervals, or “gaps,” in sounds, we will record your electrical brain activity using EEG electrodes. Why? We want to know how the brain reacts to auditory rhythms and how this helps people complete tasks. The experiment will take place at the MPIEA. Participants will receive a compensation of 7 EUR per every half hour begun (i.e., about 49–63EUR for 3.5–4.5 hours).

Participation is open to

  • healthy participants between 18 and 40 years old,
  • who speak fluent English,
  • who have no psychiatric or neurological conditions and
  • who have no auditory impairment.

Interested? Send us an e-mail to Rhythment.prj@ae.mpg.de.